Repair scuff marks on silver plastic

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stoo_pid | 12:07 Sun 19th Mar 2006 | Motoring
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Some toe-rag broke my wing mirror last night. The glass/mirror part is cracked and will need replacing but the plastic cover is almost in one piece, although badly scuffed from being sent flying half-way down the street.

I can get a new glass easy enough but are there any products or techniques I can use to reduce the scratch marks / scuffs on the plastic cover? It's silver if that makes any difference. I may end up digging around some breakers' yards but I'd rather not if I can avoid it.


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you can but a new plastic cover from your dealer they dont cost that much getting someone to paint it would prob cost more tho. if not but some rubbing compound from a motorfactors or halfords. that should get rid of the scratches as much as is possible
Depending on how bad the scratches are, ie they're not down to the primer or the bare plastic, go to your local bodyshop supplier and get yourself some 2000 grade sandpaper and some Farecla G3 rubbing compound. Wet the sandpaper in a basin of warm water with some fairy liquid in it, and carefully rub down until the scratches are gone, you won't rip the paint off because the paper is ultra fine, caution should be exercised though, this is known as colour sanding by the way! Then get your farecla and a damp cloth and polish up the paint, it should get a shine back up, then follow up with normal car polish, it should be OK. Be careful though not to break through the clear lacquer that will be on the mirror as you may damage the metallic paint and cause it to shade, when you're sanding the water should be milky, if it starts to become the colour of the paint, you've gone too far. All is not lost though, you just need to apply more clear lacquer if you do this. Best of luck!

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Repair scuff marks on silver plastic

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