renault clio oasis 1993 wont start! plz help im a maiden in distress!

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gypsy-tart | 17:30 Fri 24th Feb 2006 | Motoring
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hello my car is busted! i dont have a clue wot could be wrong wiv it and i dont no wot any parts of the car are called oh and i dont even like looking under the bonnet incase i get electricuted or burnt or something sprayed at me! =) im such a girl.n e way, i started my car this morning and it started ok then i drove for about 5 mins parked up for about 15mins then started the car again and it worked fine. i drove for about 5 mins then i parked up for literally 2mins but the car wouldnt start. all the warning lights came on and the stereo but the engine did'nt make a sound although i could hear some sort of noise like a kind of ummm i wanna say humming but it sounded more like a personal stereo without a tape in,if that makes sense. the sound last for about 5 maybe 10 seconds then just goes off. can anyone help me?? if you start naming parts of the car i wont no wot ur talking about but i'll have a look,thank you xx


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Could be the starter motor not engaging possibly because of a flat battery. Do you have AA or RAC breakdown cover? Well worth it for a maiden in distress, otherwise you need a garage or knowledgable friend.
Yes i agree it could well be the starter. The humming noise will be the cars fuel pump priming - this is what it should do so no need to worry about that problem atleast!
Go to for an answer, give more details of what is wrong.

or you could always use some common and get a mechanic to come and have a look or dowe spend all day behind a computer screen

your sympathetically


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it was the starter motor! my friend tapped it with a hammer an it seems to be running fine, im having a new starter motor fitted wednesday. thankyou for all of your replys. your my hero's x x

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renault clio oasis 1993 wont start! plz help im a maiden in distress!

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