Reluctant diesel

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whqttt | 16:43 Thu 23rd Feb 2006 | Motoring
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I've got a diesel car, which has recently started to show reluctance in starting up.

However it only does it once a day - first thing in the morning. Even if it has been driven and allowed to go cold for hours it'll still start reasonably well.

The way it (fails) to start is slightly odd too - it turns over okay, and if I keep the starter motor going eventually it chugs into life (leaving a huge cloud of white smoke behind) but can take 30 seconds or more - and all the time it sounds like it is being wound faster and faster. Sorry for the rubbish description. Any ideas what could be wrong?


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Probably lack of compression due to worn piston rings but might still be glow plugs. Probably will improve as temperatures rise... until next winter.
Could also be too slow starter motor or poor battery.

Try turning the ignition off once the glowplug light has gone off, then switching it back on again untill the light goes out again then trying to start it. This seemed to help our old cav and helped me work out it was the glowplugs on their way out.

Also the fact as you say it seems to turn over quicker and quicker as you hold the key in the start position may indicate the starter is getting 'tired' and on the way out. ( if its getting quicker the longer you hold it its not the battery)

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Reluctant diesel

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