Clamp-proof car?

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zombie1000 | 11:15 Wed 15th Feb 2006 | Motoring
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Is there a make of car that cannot be clamped? I have heard urban myths of certain tyre profiles being clamp-proof


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It used to be said that those Citroens with hydraulic suspensions eg BX, Xantia etc could be lowered sufficiently that clamps could not be used - not enough of the wheel was accessible for clamps to be applied.But whether this is true, or applies to any of the current Citoens, I don't know.

A Hummer cant be clamped

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Bit irellevant realy all cars can be towed away and impounded, just cost more than having it clamped!
I have noticed that cars that are parked legally seem to avoid being clamped. You could try this.
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I have a designated parking space so it doesnt affect me. I was just curious as I see people getting clamped outside my work but some seem to be left unpunished. Why are there always smart ar**s
citroens with hydraullic suspension can NOT be clamped. a hummer can as they even do clamps for lorries so watch out.
I guarantee that the cars that are clamped first will be the more expensive models. More chance of the owners coughing up.
Isn`t it the case that RELIANT ROBIN`s cannot be clamped?

blackmale:- I think you maybe wrong about the robin reliant being wheel clamped but I know it can't be picked up and put on a truck

there is a way to avoid being wheel clamped. Park in SCOTLAND as it is illegal to wheel clamp here unless your car is unroad taxed

a lamborghini countach,which is irrelevent really cos it probably wouldnt start anyway.

Sorry folks but i work as a car clamper and i have yet to come to a car i cant't clamp, the citroens you are talking about can be clamped with a three pice pull apart clamp, the hummer's can be done with the Large HGV clamps, and even a robin can be done we just do the back wheel.

My point is if you think you have been clamped wrongley you must first check if the clamped has a valid SIA licence as it is now being watched by them all the info you need to report and find out the rights and wrongs of clamping just vist and please do as the sods that clamp without a licence realy get me pi%$^*(&^%$�

Please report them.... PS sorry if i have clamped you

Who-ever said a citroen can't be clamped is not right. I have a BX, and while holidaying in Amsterdam, awoke the next morn to find it had been well and truly clamped, due to me not understanding the complexities of the pay and display system!

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Clamp-proof car?

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