How do i fit my new motorcycle undertray?

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ringo110879 | 17:03 Wed 08th Feb 2006 | Motoring
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Hi. I have just purchased a non standard undertray to fit my gsxr750 motorcycle. What is the best method of fixing it to the tail unit?


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Hi, Im just trying to picture why you want to fix an undertray to your tail unit?? (Thats the bit behind the seat, over the tail light!) Do you mean the swing arm? Even then I cant see why you would do that either!

Every undertray I have ever seen, including mine, is attached to the bottom of the engine, and/or the frame down tubes.

I've got one on my R1 and it came with instructions. In my case I had to take the seat cowl off and cut away most of the black plastic bit under the seat including the rear mudguard and number plate area and the indicators. The tray should come with a new number plate area and indicators. It's a fair amount of messing about but looks the dogs after. Does yours not have any instructions?

Ahhhhhhhhhh, I SEE! lol, I was thinking you meant a belly pan type thing, now I understand!
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No. not got any instructions, bought it off ebay. Has got a flat section that i need to fix the number plate holder too. Already got a holder with indicators on. What did you use to actually fix the undertray, did you use nuts and bolts or glue, doesn't seem as though there is much of a flange to stick it to? isn't any pre-drilled holes on the undertray itself
Well mine had holes along the main seat cowl so I got some good quality nuts and bolts with decent heads. I'm not sure of the design of the Gixer but presumably the undertray is designed for that bike. Can you find a maker's name and perhaps contact them for instructions?
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I'll give him an email and ask. There is one hole in the seat cowl per side which i could put a nut and bolt through, will have to drill through new undertray first though. I'll prob have to play around with it for a while and take my time, thanks.
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anyone know anywhere online where you can buy panel fixings like the manufacturers use, i mean the black press through sort which are a pain to remove afterwards?

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How do i fit my new motorcycle undertray?

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