Seat leon ABS light

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wordingham | 18:20 Fri 30th Dec 2005 | Motoring
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Hi have just fitted new osf wheel bearing,new brake discs and pads to my 1.4s w reg seat leon. all perfect but my ABS lamp won t go off! .Have tried discounting battery to reset it but no good, anyone help please.

Cheers Paul


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You have disconnected or otherwise disturbed the ABS sensor for that wheel. Check around the hub assembly, somewhere there should be a small sensor with a cable attached which senses the speed of the wheel. inside the hub is a disc with slots and the sensors must detect this for the ABS to work.

1. Find the sensor and make sure that the cable to it is connected and not damaged. This includes to check back along the cable in case you pulled it out of a connecter inside the engine compartment or something.
2. Find the sensor and make sure that it is actually fitted in place and fully home in its housing.
3. Remove the sensor and check that the end of it has not been damaged by touching the slotted disc.
4. Inspect the end of the sensor (it is magnetic) it may have collected a layer of metal particles on its sensing face, clean it.

Hope this helps you.

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Qapmoc: I have tried all your suggestings to on avail!?.SO I still have the ABS light on, could the problem have been caused by the caliper pistons been pushed back to accomadate the new pads?May have to ring seat for advise.

Thanks for the help so far. Paul

Hi Paul, No its got nothing to do with the brakes at all.
I am not sure for your model Seat but maybe you have put something back in the wrong place when you re-assembled the hub assy. So far as I am aware all cars have the same basic design of ABS sensor, that is the hub has a disc attached to the back somewhere which has slots machined in it, the sensor must detect these slots.

The only other thing I can suggest is that you go to the other side front hub and remove the sensor, now look inside the hole and see how the sensor disc is related to the hole and sensor position and check that it is the same for the problem side. The space between the sensor and the slotted disc is very critical so check this out.
The other thing is that you may have damaged the sensor itself, you might get some idea of this from the behaviour of the ABS light when you switch on the ignition, The ABS system warning light should come on while the system does a hardware check and then goes out when all is OK.
1. If the light comes on and stays on then it is a hardware failure, the sensor might be damaged or disconnected etc...
2. If the light comes on and then goes off the hardware is OK but if the light then comes on again shortly after you start moving then it means the system is not getting a signal from one (or more) sensors, the sensor is OK but not detecting the disc slots.

Good luck with it.

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Hi Ive checked both sides appear ok, I might of damaged the sensor when I removed the strut to press old wheel bearing out!! the cable clip wouldn t release so I tried to remove the sensor from hub held in place by a 4mm allen key,but the sensor is siezed in the hub!! so a bit of tugging and the electrical connector sprang apart and appeared not to be damaged,however if the things are as sensative as you say it maybe knacked.

The hub as a slotted disc on the back of it all one part,i took great care not to damage it during bearing replacement.

I may have to order a new sensor,then I can smash the old one out of the hub.

Cheers again Paul.

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Seat leon ABS light

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