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thelewisgang | 21:59 Fri 27th May 2022 | Motoring
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I have an elderly friend, late 80's who lives near an infant school. She is frail and needs a stick when walking. I took her home recently and I drove past a school. I was horrified at the amount of cars parked on the yellow zigzag lines, some even double parked. She has to cross the road nearby and is concerned she would not see traffic coming when these mindless drivers are parked, many not in their car. I decided to contact my local council about this. I always believed it was illegal to park on these but I am obviously wrong.

"Unfortunately we are not in a position to utilise civil parking enforcement on this occasion. Please find below specific details as to why the area is currently not enforceable:
According to our records, the zig zag markings outside this school are not enforceable and are advisory only".

Seems crazy to me they have gone to the expense of having them painted (they go on for some distance). An accident waiting to happen I do believe


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You can't park on white zig zag lines and you can't park on yellow ones during the times displayed upon an adjacent prohibition plate.

However outside of those times or where no prohibition plate is displayed civil authorities have no powers to issue penalty notices for parking on yellow zig zag lines. Police officers though can still 'issue a ticket' where vehicles are parked in such a way as to cause an obstruction to other road users (including pedestrians).

(Note that, unlike other rules on that page, Rule 143 does NOT have a reference to any specific law(s) at the end of it, as no such legislation exists).

It is possible to park on yellow zig zag lines legally under certain circumstances:


Yellow zig zag lines outside of a school that have signs erected to inform motorists of the hours of operation will have parking restrictions that are enforced legally by local councils. Signs must be placed near the yellow zig zag lines to allow a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to be effective and will provide the local council with powers to issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) by use of CCTV or Civil Enforcement Officers.

Motorists are legally permitted to park on the yellow zig zag lines outside of the hours marked on the signs, unless other road markings indicate otherwise (see below for further details).


Yellow zig zag lines without signs to accompany them do not have a Traffic Regulation Order giving the local council powers to issue PCN fines. Therefor it is technically legal to park on yellow zig zag lines without signs at any time.

However, these zig zag road markings are placed there to advise motorists not to wait or park on these lines for the safety of children and although the local council do not have the powers to enforce penalties, police frequently issue tickets in such cases.Tickets are issued on the grounds of causing an obstruction to either other motorists or pedestrians and not for parking on the yellow zig zag lines directly."

It might be worth contacting the school headteacher and your pal's local councillor about the parking situation, asking the councillor what can be done to get a TRO issued or getting police to visit the school now and again.

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I will be going to see her one day next week so I will check on the signs. I believe there are some nearby but I didn't get a chance to read what they said.
It could be the the Local Authority did not make a "Traffic Regulation Order" (TRO) before painting the lines. Many traffic signals and signage have not authority unless a TRO is made. Things such as speed limits (where they vary from the National Speed Limit or the 30mph limit imposed on Restricted Roads) are of no effect unless a TRO is in place. The signs themselves do not provide the authority for enforcement. I must say, that it seems a daft thing to do.
As the lines are advisory unless there is a sign to the contrary, would the absence of a sign not make the TRO unenforceable?
Yes I think you're probably right, Corby.

I have to say that there seems little point in providing these zig-zags if they are not to be supported by a TRO and signs. In fact it seems a complete waste of money. Drivers soon find out the legalities of such things and many take some delight in ignoring advisory signs (just see how many drivers observe advisory speed limits on motorways).
It might well be folk are parking there in ignorance of the fact it's not enforceable anyway.
This happens all the time, they are morons who do this.
I drve my daughter to school. I am amazed every day at the amount of people who stop on nboth double yellow AND zig zag lines to drop their children off ( and stop for a chat/do yheir hair and so on) I wrote to the headmaster and he once more put it in the school newsletter for people to stop doing it. Didn't make any difference. Even if there are parking spaces 5 meters down the road they still do it. People are just knobs
Bednobs, I agree they shouldn't do it. However it is not illegal to drop off passengers on double yellow lines.
One school near us got the children to go up to cars doing this, and give the drivers leaflets asking them to refrain.
I don't care. Those lines are there for the safety of mine and their child primarily (well maybe not but it's a handy side effect) . People can't walk 5 meters but instead park where children are crossing on a busyish road and obscuring their view and it makes me utterly mad!
My answer was to your first point. But second point great idea! The head used to stand outside during covid times to try to maintain social distance amongst the kids and nobody did it then!
It doesn't matter whether you care or not. I agree they shouldn't be doing it 100%.

However you can legally load and unload on double yellow lines, unless there are yellow markings on the kerb and signs nearby.
damn savages.....etc

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Parking On Zigzag Lines

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