Mistake On A Parking Charge

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ask100 | 13:28 Fri 20th May 2022 | Motoring
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Recently I parked on a disabled space at Brent Cross. I put my see through wallet containing my Blue Disabled badge onto the dash board as required, but in my haste I had the time clock covering the Blue Badge. This is an offense.
Therefore when I came back to my car I found a parking penalty notice on my windscreen.
I went on line to make my excuses / pay the penalty only to find that my number plate had been entered wrongly by the warden. My last three number plate digits are 100. The warden had entered 1O0, that is capital O and then a proper zero. The company did not recognise my proper number plate
Since this is a very basic error am I obliged to point this out to the Parking company and pay up or can I contest it? Should I ignore it?


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seems like one all to me! Contest it.
Contest it. Great fun winding up Jobsworths ;-)
It's such a minor mistake, I don't hold out much hope.

Better I think to plead for leniency for a genuine mistake. You might be dealt with by a sympathetic person.
Because your number plate was entered wrongly does not alter your main offence of not correctly displaying the blue badge. Just pay the fine and put it down to experience.
It means that you have / may have to wait for the reduction period to end and risk the whole lot on failure...BUT

1. make sure you write to the right people, right address, and org - which should be the penalty contest people NOT the ones who issued....

2. I photographed mine, (useful)

3. say why, and then say that it should be proportionate ( their new rule) and since you are disabled and intended to register and enter the right digits etc, but you are disabled

4. then you should be let off - remember to work in proportionate somewhere - - v impt

and wait

Mine showed -/-/2023 so whatever was covered - was clearly within the time to anyone at all
and wrote ( as well) a furious lette to the council chmn saying WE as taxpayers were paying for a huge bureaucracy that shuffled papers and did nothing. I was quet prepared to stand against him in an election and campaign that the incumbent ( him ) was gratuitously wasting tax payer money

system changed

good luck

// It's such a minor mistake, I don't hold out much hope.//
no £60 is a lot
and so such a large charge has to be - - - proportionate

( I got a long yappy screed from the appeal people saying my appeal had been graciously granted....
which is why I had a go at the chman for such a waste of money) [my money]
Incidentally this "*guilty until proven innocent" feature is being expanded shortly, so motorists beware.

* the expression "guilty until proven innocent" not my own work, but hi-jacked from Jacob Rees-Mogg
I once parked for a few minutes forgetting to display my (temporary) blue card & got a ticket. I sent a letter with a photo of my card explaining the mistake & got the ticket cancelled.
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I have a registration number that consists of two Os and one 0 but they look the same on the legal number plate.

Interestingly it has been ruled that if the car owner makes such a minor error keying in the reg number whilst buying a parking ticket mlit cannot be enforced and is void.

If the parking attendant/officer makes a similar mistake it is considered de minimis - of little significance - and does not void the ticket.

Still worth appealing, though
Set aside the rights or wrongs of this scenario and come down to basics. Was it a kosher traffic enforcer who issued the ticket, was the ticket valid and importantly was the information on the ticket correct i.e. day, date, time, registration mark and location. If all is correct - pay. If any of this is incorrect and their fault - contest.

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Mistake On A Parking Charge

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