Have You Ever Tried To Throw Spikes At A Car That Was Tailgating You?

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the_master1124ya | 08:18 Sun 08th May 2022 | Motoring
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Don't you hate it when you are in a city, and you are checking for signs of drivers coming up to you, and then you see one approaching you quickly, Running Redlights and stop signs in the process? Then they begin TAILGATING you and you wonder "This isn't fair, I drive in a way to avoid being put into these situations, so I really feel the need to teach this IDIOT a lesson"?
So you go and shop for some CALTROPS in case someone feels he has the nerve to suddenly pull behind you and run you off the road because he's so important. I want to throw them out of my driver or passenger window right in front of the car that's trying to pass me while running a stop sign, and when he runs it over, I go FAR AWAY before he even notices it. Bullying people around because you think it's faster and easier is not worth the time you save should you happen to run into a person that will stand up to you.


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you'll be spending a fortune on caltrops if you use them every time another motorists irritates you . . .
I was gonna say
yeah they are called - - -
you gart it - caltrops
use them every day
er why bother with a caltrop
in the land of the free - when you have a gun

( not applicable to England, I reassure the dear old ladies of AB)
The correct procedure to adopt when being tailgated is to increase the distance between yourself and any vehicle in front of you – reducing the likelihood that you will need to brake suddenly – not to throw spikes to puncture their tyres.

I would respectfully suggest that the OP takes an advance driving course, along with anger management.
If the car us overtaking you it's not tailgating you. If it's behind you it would be 8mpossible to throw something out 9f your window that would interfere with it unless it was a hand grenade.
Now there's a thought!
LOL at comment by bednobs
i have mentioned this before - if you are being tailgated, turn your lights on, or if they are already on, your rear fog light(s). The driver behind will instinctively react to the red light and brake. I learnt this from the film The Eiger Sanction.
I'd suggest you dont throw any at Range Rovers driven by Mr Noye.
the master - // So you go and shop for some CALTROPS ... //

This is a UK-based site, so the majority of people will not know what 'caltrops' are, but having found out, i can assure you that over here, we don't buy such things, and certainly not for distribution in the path of the cars of complete strangers, we have better control of ourselves.

And for your benefit, as one of our friends over the water, allow to explain my colleague's reference -

// I'd suggest you dont throw any at Range Rovers driven by Mr Noye. //

He is referring to a notorious incident when career criminal Kenneth Noye was involved in a 'road range' incident when he and another motorist both got out of their vehicles for a full and frank exchange of views, which ended in Mr Noye stabbing the other motorist to death.

As I pointed out, we British have more control of ourselves, and we don't shop for articles to hurt others.

Mr Noye however is an exception to the norm - he is a psychopath, so his reaction is not typical.

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Have You Ever Tried To Throw Spikes At A Car That Was Tailgating You?

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