Are You Ready For The Dutch Reach ?

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Canary42 | 18:05 Wed 26th Jan 2022 | Motoring
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Well, are you ?

If you don't know what it is then you're possibly not.


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Just use your door mirror for gawds sake.
Exactly ZM.

And anyway its guidance.
As was shown on the videos yesterday
Rear seat passengers have no use of the mirror
The vid on the bbc showed a cyclist hitting a door opened by a rear passenger
I agree about the drivers though
Use your mirrors
They are the only thing I use when reversing as I do not believe I have turned my body to reverse since I passed my test !
^Interesting...because I never use my mirrors to's either the rear camera and ParkPilot or...stick my head out of the window.
Used mirrors only for the last 30 years
Question Author
I've just been reading about the changes.

In total, 9 sections of The Highway Code will be updated, with 50 rules being added or updated.

You’ll be able to see a summary of all the changes in The Highway Code updates list on GOV.UK, and the full version of The Highway Code from 29 January 2022 (the day they come into force - I suppose we should be grateful that the cart is alongside the horse, not before it - pun intended)

Many of the rules in the code are legal requirements, and if you disobey these rules you’re committing a criminal offence.

A printed version will be available from April 2022. Cost £4.99.

IMHO some of the rules for cyclists will put them in greater danger (e.g. cycle in middle of lane on quiet roads). I could be wrong, the experts know best.
Canary at 6.04 I agree cyclists will be in greater danger and there will be more road rage.
I think I saw a video once about a Dutch reach.
The man seemed to enjoy it.

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Are You Ready For The Dutch Reach ?

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