Ford Focus Car Alarm Going Off Every 30 Minutes.

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EllieJP | 14:22 Wed 19th Jan 2022 | Motoring
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Don’t know what to do.. can’t afford a mechanic (not and service due on payday at the end of the month) and I have zero technical capabilities.. I just drive it. Any ideas what it could be? Happy to try anything but in layman’s terms please! Thank you


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get some earplugs?
Question Author
I’m more worried about the neighbours. Lol
RTFM first and find out how to disable the alarm, if that doesn't work disconnect the battery then call one of those car lecky blokes and get them to disconnect the thing.
is it a factory fitted one? It should be in your driver's handbook about disabling it. Though first disconnect the battery so you can get some peace! Does the key fob turn it off when it comes on?
this may help
assuming it's the model of focus you are talking about
Can you get to the horn and temporarily disconnect it ?
( Although I don't know if it's illegal to drive it without a functioning horn )
It might not be as simple as disabling it; disabling usually classes as a temporary state eg, for travelling on a ferry, and switching on the ignition returns it to normal operation. I had a Vauxhall Omega with the same problem; it would also go off whilst I was driving it. My solution was to physically remove it from the car until I could get it fixed under warranty. Be warned that meddling with it usually causes it to go off and it's VERY loud when you have the bonnet open.
TTT's link implies that disabling the alarm on your car stands until you turn it back on again yourself, so should work in your case.
Have you checked the interior lights are not on? My daughter turned my interior lights on and that kept setting the alarm off. I didn't spot that is what she did for a couple of days. I took to not locking the car until I found out this is what she did.
Try opening the bonnet and closing it FIRMLY again. The 'bonnet open' sensor is known to cause the problem you describe. Also try everything else that's likely to have a similar sensor connected to it, such as all the doors and the boot.

It's often little things like that which will trigger alarms or set off warnings in your car. For example, I was expecting a very large bill when the engine warning light came in with my Saab a few months ago. However a bit of googling suggested that simply tightening the filler cap might be all that was required. That turned out to be the case and I was saved an expensive (and totally unnecessary) trip to the garage. So check everything that might possibly be setting the alarm off before biting the bullet to seek professional help.
Not related - but try all - I had a steering column lock up on me yesterday...tried what i thought was all and then no advice from my dealer (phoned them back with the solution) and a blazing row with my insurance co where their 0800 number told me that their RAC cover didn't cover me within 440 yards of my address (didn't know that) but their 'local office could override this'- cost £150 for a call out otherwise...there's now a complaint registered that, at renewal, this get-out clause was not spoken about and, secondly, that they were speaking with forked tongue.

The solution came from the bro in law...'did you turn your wheels into the curb when you parked up?'

'Yes' - 'Is one tight up on the kerb?' It proved to be 'Yes' - 'Your wheel is putting pressure on the locking system. Turn in the direction of the wheel and you may have to force it hard over, ignition key in...' And it worked.....the service manager of my dealer hadn't heard of this and 'Thanks for this tip,'

In short, try all the advice offered - in my case £150 call out fee avoided.
//blazing row with my insurance co where their 0800 number told me that their RAC cover didn't cover me within 440 yards of my address (didn't know that) but their 'local office could override this'- cost £150 for a call out otherwise...//

Wasn't it on the small print ?

I think it's standard in breakdown recovery cover that if you dont chose 'home start' (or whatever each company calls it ) then you are not covered if you need assistance within a certain distance of your home address
I thought my earplugs suggestion was very sensible - why was it removed?
no sense of humour some folks!
It wasn't sensible, it was a pathetically useless reply to a serious question. Rightly removed in my opinion.
*** off pillock
po-faced bumpkin - even the OP replied with an LOL.

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Ford Focus Car Alarm Going Off Every 30 Minutes.

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