Someone Stole My Spot!

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roadman | 19:35 Fri 26th Nov 2021 | Motoring
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Someone stole my parking space my insurance says i need to park off the road ive had to road park how does this affect me if there is an accident on my car


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I'm reasonably confident that your insurance permits you to park your car other than in your designated parking place when you've no alternative other than to do so. If you want to be ultra cautious though, you could write a letter to your insurer, telling them that you'll be parking on the road until such time as you can get your parking space back.

(That assumes that it's being nicked on a regular basis. If say, someone visiting one of your neighbours has just parked there overnight, I wouldn't worry about it; your insurer knows that there will be times when you can't park in your regular place, such as when it's just been resurfaced and the tarmac/concrete hasn't yet set or, of course, when your away from home for the night).
I'm interested how it's "your"parking space but somebody else is in it?
How is it "yours"?
Maybe it's a parking space assigned to a flat number. That's what we have. We also have a permit that we can give to visitors put on the windscreen when using the space.
I feel for you roadman as the same has happened to me. Really annoying as I have to pay to park if I can't get on to my spot. So I phoned the police and to my amazement they asked me for the cars reg number and looked up the owner. Even more amazingly they said they knew the owner and had his phone number. They phoned him and he was told to remove it immediately and he did. He was visiting a mate down the road apparently.
I don't suppose you will have such luck I'm sorry to say.
Don't worry about it. I'm supposed to park off road, too, but when I was having a lot of work done on the front of my house I had no choice but to park in the road.
The insurance company wasn't bothered - the car was parked on the drive the majority of time I was at home at that's what mattered.
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Its my space because it belongs to my landlord its part of my contract agreement my neighbour also has one and so do other people in the area but they are not for public use i have one space and a garage which is full of stuff so i cant park there also my insurance is cheaper if i park in my space and not my garage apparently a lot of people damage their car going in and out of the garage more so than a parking space and my neighbour has two spaces and no garage
Do you know who the person is? Can you put a polite note on the car? Just to let them know it's an assigned space.
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I put a note but it rained now i feel bad there is soggy paper under their wiper lol
So how long has the car been left there now roadman?
May I suggest you block it in and then go on holiday for at least a week;-)
2 people were murdered recently apparently over a parking dispute - don't go there!
Dave I think the winking smiley at the end of my post will give a hint at the very least, that I'm not serious.

Right so get the land Lord to sort it as you are paying for the parking lot in your rent .
My comment wasn't directed at you ladyb - just saying generally to keep things civil & not get into a row over it.

Sorry if you thought otherwise.

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Someone Stole My Spot!

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