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1944screen | 12:52 Wed 24th Nov 2021 | Motoring
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My 2019 Corsa has developed a light tapping noise when cold. After half a mile or so it stops, there is no loss of power and the car runs quiet. Any ideas Mick


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Not much to go on there.
I am assuming from the engine.
You first need to determine if it is at engine speed or half engine speed. If half engine speed it is from the valve gear. Otherwise it is elsewhere even auxhilaries. Water pump, alternator etc.
Depending on the engine it might be dryish tappets. How old is the oil/filter? Maybe time for a change.
Mine did it all the time hot or cold when the engine was running or just ticking over. It did it when it was my husband’s. Nobody ever found what it was and it didn’t seem to be an issue.

My advice would be take it to your garage and ask them to plug it in and see if any faults etc come up.

...and, presumably, still under the original warranty if anything's wrong?
Sounds like a sticky tappet ( valve lifter ) to me if the ticking noise disappears after a few minutes.
I would agree with tonyav’s diagnosis.

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