Car Windscreen Cleaning Tips Needed

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barry1010 | 11:16 Sun 21st Nov 2021 | Motoring
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This low sun is horrible for driving especially as the inside of my windscreen needs a good clean - not my favourite job and not one I'm very good at.
So, your tips are needed - and before anyone mentions it, yes I know I could pay somebody to do it for me. :D


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For inside of windscreen I use a barely damp, fine-textured microfibre cloth sprayed with a quality glass cleaner (my favourite is Nilglass, bought in bulk - lasts years!). That's it...if needed, you could go over with another microfibre cloth.
I keep a cloth specifically for inside the glass, and another for the outside. The worst thing is to use any old piece of cloth that's handy - a sure way of spreading the grime and grease, making things worse.
I've used NILGLASS for years - seems to do the job.
does anyone have an implement they use?
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I'll try nilglass, thanks.
Vinegar, inside and out, works well to keep windscreens free of smears and misting.
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White or malt? Does it make the car smell like a chippy?
^^^ is that a bad thing Barry?
bednobs it probably is if you don't have some chips to hand, and I don't mean the kind in your windscreen. :-)
Tilly, presumably you can use this on the inside of your house windows?
Yes Barsel and I do. (Occasionally) :-)
The key to this miserable task is to use a duster with a handle. Preferably an extendable one to accomodate the size of your particular windscreen. Pop into the pound shop or Wilko etc and see what they have. You can also buy a vinegar glass spray while yo're at it.

Something like this with the will make the job a little easier.;mkcid=2&itemid=324623062380&targetid=1278608952136&;device=t&mktype=&googleloc=9045093&poi=&;campaignid=14727339348&mkgroupid=127909237815&rlsatarget=pla-1278608952136&abcId=9300672&;merchantid=115675674&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8pW1sYGq9AIVx-FRCh1VVAgqEAQYBSABEgJ8G_D_BwE
Use an underarm hold, like an underarm throw!
my dad used spit and newspaper. He said he'd tried commercial products and they didn't work as well.
Wipe it over with a wet E-cloth first then dry it with a different one. No chemicals or vinegar needed.
Methylated spirit. Cheap, effective and smells nice.

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Car Windscreen Cleaning Tips Needed

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