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barry1010 | 13:31 Mon 18th Oct 2021 | Motoring
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Months ago somebody was asking about this offer and if it was worthwhile/
I bought a cheap item (a windscreen wiper that I needed) from Halford's six months ago and qualified for a free MOT, which I booked online as soon as I got home.

Happy to say my banging old banger sailed through the MOT - no faults, no advisories, no charge.


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well you were lucky there barry, normally a free MOT means they'll find plenty wrong for them to fix.
I've been using National Tyres MoT for the past few years - 1/2 price £27 & no BS.
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TTT, I got a free MOT 3 or 4 years ago with a big chain, no faults then, either. I must be very lucky indeed, this 12 year old car has always got through without a hitch
TBH barry, I do hear some horror stories but there is no real evidence they make things up but it must seem like it some times
I had a free MoT with Halford's a couple of years ago with no faults found. I've got another one booked with them in a fortnight's time. I've had all MoTs bar one done at Halford's and never had a problem.
Halfords are currently doing a 10 point winter check free of charge. I'm booked in tomorrow.
I have my MOT's done at my local council ( not free ), they don't do repairs so no axe to grind.
As davebro – I have been using National Tyres MOT at ½ price for a few years now, the service is good; all advised failures genuine (no failures just to get the work).
But I think that might be down to how good the MOT testers they have employed at the branch I use.
Re tonyav’s post – you have to ask yourself why some local councils are running MOT stations to MOT their vehicle fleet?
The answer is that they want to avoid the unnecessary expense of fixing non-genuine MOT failures – which plague the industry.

I too have used a council MOT station when I lived close-by; I also used to use an MOT station run by a firm MOTing their fleet of lorries. The MOT tester admitted to me that he had worked for a garage where he was paid commission on work the garage got through failed MOTs.

So you have to ask yourself, would such a tester correctly assess your vehicle when they are paid commission to fail it – I would ban such a payment system (if I had the power).
Hav'nt had one fail yet though, Hymie.
Oh and if it did fail I'd most likely fix it myself anyway.

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Halford's Free Mot

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