Personalised Uk Reg. Plates Abroad

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Khandro | 16:55 Mon 13th Sep 2021 | Motoring
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I was over in France last week & spotted an English car with personal plates in my hotel car park, example (but wasn't) AB 123 , nothing else to link it to the UK - though one was white & the other yellow as is UK standard.
Isn't a requirement to show which country a vehicle is registered? It occurred to me that if he was caught by a speed camera he would be untraceable, which I imagine is against the law.


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"GB Stickers are compulsory within the EU unless your UK registration plates display the GB Euro-symbol (Europlates) which became a legal option from 21 March 2001. The Euro plate must comply with the new British Standard (BS AU 145d). The Euro plate is only legally recognised in the EU; it is still a requirement to display a GB sticker when travelling outside the EU."
GB stickers are so last year.

Now you need a UK sticker.
"GB stickers are so last year.

Now you need a UK sticker."

Not for another fortnight. The current sticker used on the back of vehicles will no longer be valid from September 28.
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barry: So it looks like he was breaking the law, because he had neither Europlates nor a GB sticker. Though in fact, GB stickers are normally on the back of the car & speed cameras photo you from the front.
Relative got a parking charge notice which listed the type of vehicle and a photo of the vehicle.

The company goy a lovely! email back saying they should pay more attention to what they send out.

Reason: number was a vintage/vetran motorbike, vehicle was a lorry!

//if he was caught by a speed camera he would be untraceable, //

I think the French authorities would be more than capable of identifying the country of origin of a UK registered car, with or without a "GB" sticker or an EU number plate.
perhaps if the driver sat on the left side, surreptitiously driving with his right hand stuck out, he'd be mistaken for a local. A string of onions round the neck would reinforce the illusion.
// speed cameras photo you from the front.//

Not true - they catch bikers & they don't have front number plates.
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I was half hoping we Brits had found a way of shafting the French :0)

If anyone is interested in the exiting information on the occupants of a hotel car park on one day in Alsace last week !!

The car I mentioned was a boring Volvo saloon, the owner of which I didn't see, but also adjacent was a gorgeous, chrome wire-wheeled, silver livered & gleaming German-registered Morgan. The driver of which was a portly middle-aged German gent, with an even portlier wife. It must have been quite a squeeze in the cockpit, but they seemed to happy in trying to recapture their youth.

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Personalised Uk Reg. Plates Abroad

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