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bednobs | 13:14 Mon 23rd Aug 2021 | Motoring
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about 4 weeks ago i lost my disabled parking badge.
about 1 week ago, i applied thru the .gov website to get a replacement, which they sent to my local council
Of course i have now found it (in a place that was looked in 4 times i might add!)
I can't get through to anyone in that dept in my local council - is there any way of cancelling the replacemnt request centrally?


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Did you have to pay to replace it?
I would let nature take its course
and destroy the old one when the new comes

[incredibly - - my blue badge was in the car when someone was doing my shopping, and a cyclist passed the open window and helped himself !
and the Traffic Warden thought this was so odd
that he photographed it

so how did he know? well the fella was on a sickle so it was unlikely to be his.... clever huh? and they caught him !

Jesus and another time when I left my keys in the ignition and reached thro the window to get them - I found my dogs jaws clasped around my wrist so he got 10/10 for bills ]
Dont cancel just wait till it arrives now.

When it arrives set fire to your old one simple
Question Author
yeah, its a tenner to renew, i found the badge yesterday and this morning i had an email saying the new one is ready, could i please send them 10 pounds
Blimey PP!
Just send the ten pounds and if you ever really lose a sticker you have an immediate replacement on hand.
Question Author
i have already had to swear via the application form i would return if it was found
In that case destroy it to save yourself a job
its big moolah
( the saving that one enables)

I managed to get video'd getting into my car ( fraud I suppose) but hey my wibbly wobbly man act er came naturally
( I wasnt driving and got in the passenger side)
You won't be able to use the old one as it will be flagged as lost/stolen and cancelled. Best to destroy it

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