code for m reg ford escort key

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aunty_ali | 16:55 Thu 08th Dec 2005 | Motoring
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i have just purchased new keys as i am using the red at the mo i have been told off the fell that cut them they needed to be coded my car is 94 and on the leflet it says pre 95 no code , i have tried to get the keys to work but they will not can anyone tell me how i get the code onto these keys please thankyou in advance


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I had the same prob with an M reg escort I bought recently. I only got one key with the car ( one with a red chip ) which contains a transponder. I was quoted ridiculous prices for a coded spare so I got two ordinary keys cut. (�5.00 each as opposed to �50.00 + for coded keys ) )Obvously they wouldn't start the car but fitted all locks and ignition. I took the cowling off the steering column ( 3 screws ) and taped the chipped key near the ignition barrel - make sure it's well secured and allows the ordinary key to start the car. Replace the cowling and now you have two keys which will open all locks and start the vehicle. As for the security aspect - it is an old car so unlikely to be a target for thieves unless it's an XR3 or souped up and attractive to boy racer, joy-riders.
P.S. please let me know how you get on by posting on this thread.
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thankyou for the reply i will try that one as nothing gained nothing lost if i do it thanks for your reply amanda
I have a "P" Reg Escort and only have one key (the one with the red dot so not the master)

I was going to get a full coded set made and then read Homer's idea which I will try.

Where did you go to get the keys cut for �5 as my local Barrs Security shop dont cut escort keys.

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code for m reg ford escort key

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