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lankeela | 16:20 Tue 15th Jun 2021 | Motoring
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On 5th June ie 10 days ago I went out to find a flat tyre on my van. Called Green Flag who came out and changed it, took it to ATS who said it was cream crackered and I bought a new tyre. Just went to go out and same new tyre is flat. I have the receipt, what are the chances of them replacing it if it can't be fixed? Do they come with a warranty? Or would it depend on what caused it to go flat? If it had been done deliberately would they be able to tell? (I have a dodgy neighbour and have had other things happen lately, eg front door key would not go in so Safestyle had to come and replace lock. Next day it happened again and I swear there is the remains of glue on the door.) Now waiting for Green Flag again.


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If you have still got the receipt from ATS take it and the tyre back to them, they will replace it or repair it, hopefully for free.
If the tyre is faulty, then the supplier is bound under the Sale Of Goods Act to replace it.

If the tyre is found to have been damaged maliciously, then clearly they have no legal responsibility for it and you should contact the police and request that ATS cooperate with evidence of damage so you can claim through your insurance.
Sounds like time to get a security camera and/or motion sensor lights out there.
ATS offer a Tyre Warranty ("small one-off payment") which covers further tyre troubles such as this.
They won't commit until they know why it has gone flat.
If it is faulty, or fitted incorrectly, you can expect them to replace it.

If it has been punctured, either accidentally or deliberately, they might be able to repair it (but at your cost)

I would look into getting cameras fitted if your neighbour is up to no good.
A-H..."claim through your insurance". Really? For a damaged tyre?
Very unwise (if at all possible).
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Thanks, I thought I was being paranoid with the door business, but then the flat tyre happened and I began to wonder. Now the tyre has gone again I am really starting to think its him. I will ask the recovery man to look at it, and also ATS and see if they can find anything that could have been done to it. Now trying to also contact Safestyle to get them to come out and change the door lock again. See what engineer says and then will contact the police if he says it has been tampered with. Oh joy.
Oh...and A-H, The Sale of Goods Act 1979 was replaced several years keep up!
Ask your true company to do the old-school check of sticking it in the bath to see if there's a leak from the wheel if there's no visible damage.
The Nissan van I drive has had two wheels replaced because of this.
I was just about to say what Douglas has said: the fault maybe in the wheel becoming porous, which would mean replacing the wheel, trying the tyre on the spare or fitting an innertube (if they still exist)
Are you sure it's not just the air let out?
maybe a better solution to solve the problem would be to consider moving.

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Flat Tyre

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