Going For A Drive ? Get Those Clothes Off !

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Canary42 | 15:23 Mon 17th May 2021 | Motoring
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An article from local newspaper cites 7 items you could be wearing will get you a fine. The link is at the end of this post, but to save you the hassle, here is the article (we must be in the journalists' silly season).

Certain clothing items could land you up to £5,000 in fines according to experts.
Motoring experts at CarMoney have uncovered the seven common clothing items we all wear while driving that could actually be putting us at risk of breaking the law, getting points on our licence and a hefty fine.
You could find yourself with a £100 on-the-spot fine and three penalty points for careless driving if you wear inappropriate clothing that restricts you from manoeuvring correctly.
If the incident goes to court, the penalty could go up to a £5,000 fine, nine penalty points and even a driving ban.

Rule 97 of the Highway Code states: “The clothing and footwear you choose to wear whilst you are driving must not prevent you from using the controls in the correct manner.”

Here are seven common items of clothing we have all worn while driving that could be restrictive to your time behind the wheel.

1. A Long Skirt or Dress
Maxi dresses and skirts are all the fashion, but when it comes to wearing this type of clothing while driving you could be faced with a fine and even penalty points on your license. The material could get caught underneath the pedals or restrict your use of them, which is obviously far from ideal.

2. Very Baggy Jeans
For the same reason as above, if your jeans are too baggy they are likely to be unfit for driving in, meaning you could be penalised. It’s been thirty-one years since Madness released their smash hit, so baggy trousers might just be past their prime.

3. Flip Flops/Sliders
Thousands of motorists get behind the wheel every year in their flip flops and sliders when the sun hits, but just how safe are they? Shoes with a thin sole, with less than 10mm in thickness, are classed as unsafe to drive in. Just remember, flip flops are for the beach, not the driver's seat.

4. High Heels
Your footwear should not limit your ankle movement. Alastair Grier, Managing Director of CarMoney says “If you are planning on driving somewhere where the dress code is smart, we recommend you take a change of sensible shoes for the car ride”. According to the RAC, 40% of women have admitted to driving in high heels. Although they may look classy, high heels are simply not practical for the pedals.

5. Slippers
If your slippers are open-backed, they are highly likely to be unsafe to drive in due to your feet likely to slip out when using the pedals. Alastair continued “If your shoes do not provide enough grip to stop your foot from slipping off the pedals then they are classed as unsafe.” Wearing slippers outside of the house is highly questionable anyway, so it’s best to keep them there.

6. Chunky Boots
Although at first glance they would seem fine, any Dr Marten boot fans or construction workers with chunky-soled boots should reconsider driving in them. “Footwear when driving should be narrow enough that it cannot accidentally touch two pedals at once,” said Alastair. Dr Martens may look great in a photoshoot but aren’t so handy for a short drive.

7. Sunglasses
Depending on the glass in your sunglasses, they could actually be too dark to drive in safely, according to the AA. Your peripheral vision can also be affected by wearing sunglasses when driving due to the frames blocking your vision. Sun visors were invented for the very purpose of allowing you to see the road clearly on a sunny day, so it’s best to use them when needed.


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I concur with all of them except the advice to use the sun visor instead of sunglasses. That is dangerous rubbish
There used to be a downer on large jacket hoods being worn up too.
//“Footwear when driving should be narrow enough that it cannot accidentally touch two pedals at once,”//

I'd like to see that happen in an automatic!

And the singlasses one sounds a bit off.

Others are sensible items most people do know about.
personally, I buy sunglasses I can see through, but I suppose if I happened to drop them in a pot of black paint, I might be in trouble if I bumped into a cop, or a brick wall or something.
It's actually 41 years since Baggy Trousers was released ... Madness!!!
I don't know, how strict are the fashion police at the end of the universe?
When the Highway Code states "must" or "must not" the instructions are mandatory and supported by legislation.

The article uses the word "must" but the quote is not accurate. The Code states,

"Before setting off. You should ensure that

you have planned your route and allowed sufficient time

clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner"

The important word there is, "should".
'Singlasses' are seldom too dark, having a blue tint. :-P
Mamya "There used to be a downer on large jacket hoods being worn up too" That I can understand, the head turns but the hood doesn't.

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Going For A Drive ? Get Those Clothes Off !

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