Are American Cars More Powerful?

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NeedToKnowPlease | 16:24 Fri 07th May 2021 | Motoring
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America is a big place are the cars made to accommodate the increased distance between places / states?


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what an odd question. Some cars are 700cc, some are 1500 cc some are 5200 cc - and everything in between you pick whatever powerfulness suits you
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but what about as a standard?
Last year's top ten, you can research the engine size of each.
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That's an idea, thanks.
In most countries across the world (at least up until an upsurge in interest in protecting the environment over the past couple of decades or so), car buyers have traditionally seen 'more power' as being 'better'. So, for example, someone who could afford it would tend to buy a 2 litre car in preference to an 1100cc model, with the choice being based both upon the actual performance of the larger engine and the 'prestige' factor of owning a more powerful car.

However in many countries around the world, drivers have been deterred from buying cars with powerful engines because of the high costs they'd then have to pay to keep filling up their fuel tanks. That's particularly been true in countries where petrol and diesel have been highly taxed, such as the UK. (Every time you fill a car's fuel tank with petrol in the UK, 62% of what you pay goes to the government).

The USA is one of the few countries in the world where petrol/gasoline has never been heavily taxed. (The current average price of a litre of petrol in the UK is £1.26. The current average price in the USA is the equivalent of 56p). So the higher costs of running cars with larger engines haven't deterred Americans anywhere near as much as they have Brits (and most others too).

I think they have fairly stringent speed limits in the states, although in the wide open spaces they may be more difficult to enforce. If the limit is (say) 80 mph. you don't need a massive engine to achieve that unless your car is very heavy. Many cars common in Europe are also common in the USA.
The yanks had big cc cars, without efficient fuel management, because they could buy fuel at less than it was costing most of the World to produce. No "country roads" whose routes went back to medieval times with a width set at that of a horses rear end, a populace that was bargain bucket size(briefly) and "livin the dream". Very few were exported because, firstly if you wanted to turn a corner you needed to have a helmsman's skill, and they fell to pieces if they went out in the rain.

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Are American Cars More Powerful?

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