Speed Awareness Courses In Different Counties

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SurreyGuy | 17:37 Fri 11th Dec 2020 | Motoring
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My mate and I are having a friendly disagreement, which I'd like you lovely people to sort out, please. I've looked on-line and can't find a definitive answer.


If I choose to do a speed awareness course (in lieu of getting points on my licence) as a result of being caught speeding in Surrey, I know I cant take another such course for three years.

However, what I can't find an answer to is............

If, 12 months later, I get caught speeding in Hampshire, can I attend another course (even though it's within 3 years) because my offence was in a different county?


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It’s a National Speed Awareness course, so as far as I can see it doesn’t matter in which counties in which you speed. You can’t take another one within three years.
why do you think the answer is yes?
I can't answer that, but unless you really don't want points on your licence, why don't you just pay the fine, you have to pay as much to go on a course. Having been on a course myself, I would rather get the points if it happens again.
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Peter Pedant - where did I say that it's ME who thinks the answer is "Yes"?!
If you don’t go on the course I think you get the fine AND the points.

You do Cloverjo. I don't know how many points you get, but if it isn't many, I'd pay and get the points rather than pay and go on a course.
I would go on the course again. Last one (only one, actually) was about 15 years ago. It’s only an afternoon of your time. I’m very proud of my blemish-free licence after driving for half of my life.
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I wouldn't go on a course again because the people who ran it were 'I know it all' kind of people. It was worse that being back at school.
I think if you look at it sensibly, there will be a database with your name on of when you took the course, and because it is a National Awareness course, your name will stay on it for 3 years, so I think the answer will be no. Your name would show on the database that you only took the course 12 months previously.
//If you don’t go on the course I think you get the fine AND the points.//

You get offered a Fixed Penalty of £100 and three points. If you don't accept that the matter will be dealt with in court where you will be sentenced in accordance with the Magistrates' Sentencing guidelines.

All Counties in England and Wales (courses are not offered in Scotland) subscribe to the National Speed Awareness Course scheme except one - Dorset. You can do a course in Dorset and also do another (of the same type - see below) in any other county within three years.

There are currently two versions of the Speed Awareness Course and both are online offerings lasting two and a half hours. One is for offenders caught speeding on a motorway the other is for offenders caught speeding elsewhere. The personally delivered courses (which are not being held at the moment for obvious reasons) last four hours and there is a third version of those courses, one for offenders caught speeding in a 20mph zone.

You can do one of each version of the course (or two if one of the offences occurs in Dorset) within three years, with the date of the offences being used to calculate that period.
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Barsel - I didn't state who had taken which view on the subject, so please don't have a go at me!

As it happens, we've both been on a course before.
I didn't think I was having a go at you. What did I say to make you think that?
just follow the law and stick to the speed limits.That way you dont jave to worry about courses or fines and points.The limits are there for a reason to keep people safe and alive.If you are not prepared to stick to the rules then you should not ne driving
^^^Which doesn't particularly help the OP with his hypothetical question at all.

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Speed Awareness Courses In Different Counties

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