Alloy Wheel Kerb Scuff.....

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jackthehat | 16:18 Sat 14th Nov 2020 | Motoring
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My car was totalled last Monday and I have been loaned a courtesy car......with alloy wheels.
I had a walk-round with the chap who delivered it to me and we agreed that there was a small 'scuff' on the front nearside alloy rim.

Annoyingly, I have managed to add to it. Is there anything I can do to minimise the appearance before they come to collect it from me?


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Hurrah, not just me then! I have no idea sorry, if I knew how to do it I would do my own but I shall watch this thread with interest.
How much arre you willing to pay?. Depends how deep. Is it a light scuff or scored alloy? If a light scuff you may just get away with metal polish or T Cut. I would imagine there are plenty of mobile wheel refurbishment people in the Blackpool area.
Try a Brillo pad.
Hundreds of these firms on google and some have national franchises.
Retro I tried my local ChipsAway a few weeks back and they couldn't give me an appointment they were so busy. I left it they would contact me when they had a slot.
Still waiting.
It happens but as I wrote at 1525 there are plenty more companies or small businesses out there who undertake this work.Just shop around. If the company doesn't ring you back it's their loss.
Most give quotes on line.

This place does wheel refurbs and is on Blackpool's doorstep.
OK Retro I'll do a B&H search later. Thanks.
With any luck they will think it was the damage as delivered to you – unless the same guy checks it over.
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Thanks everyone.
I know that the car-hire company will probably seek to charge me for the repair, I don't know whether they would charge me about the same as any company I could employ myself......I didn't know if there was anything I could do to, at least, minimise the appearance.
If it is a different chap who collects it I shall try to argue that the scuff he sees was the one it arrived with..... :o)
JHT you can try but pick up company will probably have pics when it was delivered
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It was collected last Tuesday by the same chap who delivered it.
He had a walk around, nodded and agreed (with himself) that it had been delivered with a scuff, got into it and drove away...... :o)
You jammy so and so:-)
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All I need now is for the speed camera I passed whilst doing 33mph on the Prom not to have been working (I was distracted by the bright and busy dash whilst trying to find cruise-control, believe it, or not....LoL) and it will have been a successful week......

Well, apart from having to buy another bloomin' car, that is. :o(
That's good JTH
JHT think they will give you 3% over the limit, they used to
Never leave the lot until you know where all the buttons are.
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I knew where it was.......ish.....but jabbing at it unseen didn't seem to be working so it took me a moment to glance at it, work out what I should be doing with it and then check the speedo to ensure I was travelling at 29mph. By which time, naturally, I was going at 33mph and passing a speed-camera....
... and how they work.

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Alloy Wheel Kerb Scuff.....

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