Skoda Fabia Mk2. Tail Light Bulb Removal

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needawin | 20:24 Wed 04th Nov 2020 | Motoring
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Skoda Fabia MK2 2010.
Tail light bulb needs changed. Small bulb that I cannot get out of holder.
There is a small slit at each side of holder with silver showing. Are these clips that I should be pressing in to release the bulb?


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15:52 Thu 05th Nov 2020
My local garage mechanic offers 'supply and fit' on any head/tail/brake light bulb for just a fiver, even though some bulbs seem to take an age to fit. So I always go there and simply let an expert have all the hassle!

However this looks as if it might help you:

^^^ To save you squinting:
If you click on the TITLE of that video, and NOT on the 'play button, you'll be taken to the Youtube page, where you can then see a larger image.
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Thanks all

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Skoda Fabia Mk2. Tail Light Bulb Removal

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