Own Up, Who Had A Mini Metro?

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ToraToraTora | 10:34 Tue 20th Oct 2020 | Motoring
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Never had one myself, I owned an original Mini though.


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My first car was an original mini, paid £100 for it and sold it three years later for £110.
I did, sort of. My dad bought it so I could ferry him around. He only used it once a week though to do his shopping.

My dad was a big man. One time I picked him and my uncle up from the pub and my dad couldn't get out of the back. It was really funny.
My second car was an original Mini. I too sold it for more than I paid for it.
//my dad couldn't get out of the back//
nor can i after eight pints
Guilty. The gear box fell through the floor whilst I was changing gear!
I wish I had kept my original mini, and my original Standard 10 !
Something like that, ael. His beer belly didn't help either.
Anyone remember how much they paid for a brand new mini ,in those days .
^ don't know but i bought a decent second hand one in 1968 for 180 quid
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originally they were £595, I think. Anyway I have never bought a new anything car wise.
My first husband owned one, it was applejack green, I can even remember the reg. JCT 829W. He traded it in for a Fiat Panda 45S!!!
I learned to drive in one while stationed in Chichester(often using Tangmere for initial lessons), after which the instructor would decide we’d drive to Southampton for the day for a bit of a ‘jolly’.

Oh the halcyon days......

Cost of a Brand new mini less than a weeks wage for some these days.
MIL drove her daughters metro after SIL died. It didn't appear to have many problems but she didn't drive long journeys. They were a damn site more reliable than the Austin Allegro (Aggro)
Parsley, he could have got a fdair old price foir that number plate.
JCT motors was a local garage owned by J C Tordoff.
Only for those earning over £800k a year, gulliver!
I bought mine secondhand in 1971. I doubt I paid much for it. I wouldn't have had the funds.

Retro, I also please guilty to owning an Allegro - it was a dirty orange colour!
dannyk, my current husband deals in number plates. I am currently waiting for a plate with a consecutive run of numbers followed by the initials of a former chancellor, to by transferred onto my Mini :-)
Barry 12.00, my post @ 11.46 reads ... "for some"... ......

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Own Up, Who Had A Mini Metro?

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