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Maydup | 19:28 Thu 01st Oct 2020 | Motoring
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Two weeks ago today, I overstayed in a supermarket car park. I didnt get a ticket but I don't know and didn't notice whether there was an ANPR system in place.

If there was do you think I would have heard by now?


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Not sure if you would have heard or not. However if you receive it its worth replying and asking to be let off. A lot of the Time companies that issue these will scrap it if you write in saying it was an error n giving the reasons why you were longer, (eg had extra errands, the queue was longer than thought etc etc)..
"If the parking firm has to get your details from the DVLA to send you a ticket by post alone, they have to send it within 14 days".

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Good news thank you!

Should I hear, I will appeal, but I will have to be creative as I didnt use the store!
My son fell asleep, and overstayed the 2 hrs apparently, at a services early morning during a long drive. He had a demand for £150. He refused to pay citing he wanted photographic evidence on arrival and exit times. Which they have failed to do. The parking company kept writing about the court case they had won, re a motorist who also overstayed, and had disputed their claims.
You can also argue the sum claimed is disproportionate To the claimed offence.
In my sons case he cited that there are signs before services “ Tiredness kills take a break”
A work in a supermarket and customers can park for 2 hour's which is more than enough even if they use the cafeteeria. But we dont deal with complaint's from customers what overpark as the parkings run by a company what I think owns the car park land or has a contract to run parking. They use APNR. Overparkers after contact them not us
wait and see
someone will know the law- - they dont have ANPR but have access to the BVLA data bank
when you get the notice
parking fine from the council you have to pay
penalty notice from Joe Funny you dont - you ignore the notices

actually the firm who was after me
( just before lock down)
have laid a lot of staff off .....
(dont feel that sorry for them)
If you weren't using the store then you were just a pain in the a**e for people who did want to use it.

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