Anyone Heard Of This Before?

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ToraToraTora | 16:21 Tue 15th Sep 2020 | Motoring
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Just had a new set of daisies on the jam jar and the bloke tells me I've got swollen nuts! Thought he was having a Turkish but Just done some research and it is a thing! First I've heard of it!


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I've heard of people going into a cold sweat when they learn the price of spares but I've never heard of it making their nuts swell up. I expect you can get some cream for them.
A good grease up of the flange sprocket will reduce any tumidity.
Make sure the local squirrels don't hear about them!
Swollen nuts can be quite dangerous, especially if they start to rub on a bush.
If your Daft enough to keep daisies in a jam jar ,you deserve Swollen Nuts.
Why were you having boots put on the car?
Going to have to wait for my reply I'm afraid, getting intermittent gibberish from the ether, must be the clouds, really thick.
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TCL as I am sure you know, boots is a name often given to the Danny Dyers on a car.
I have never heard tyres called "boots" before.
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listen to F1, the commentators are often refer to: "getting a new set of boots on"
I rarely watch F1.
New one on me.
( never watch F1, wayyyy toooo boring )

There are certain factors that contribute to lug nut swelling which are unfortunately unavoidable. Depending on the material that the lug nut is made of, certain lug nuts are more susceptible to swelling than others. Here are the main factors that contribute to lug nut swelling that you should know about:

Outside temperature Heat from the tires Moisture Corrosion Material of the lug nut
Some manufacturers cut corners in the design and engineering process to cut down on manufacturing costs of certain vehicles. These sub-par materials are prone to swelling, which can present an issue usually around the time of tire servicing or brake servicing when the wheels need to be removed.

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Anyone Heard Of This Before?

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