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retrocop | 12:52 Tue 15th Sep 2020 | Motoring
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Any views or experience with these tyres. I am not impressed.

These tyres were factory fitted and now have done 7500 miles from new on urban roads. No heavy braking or harsh acceleration.Always maintain correct recommended tyre pressures.I took it for a service and first MOT test to the Skoda dealer where I purchased it new.They sent me a video report and pointed out serious crazing and cracks on tyre walls and between tread wear bars.There was plenty of tread left (5mm) as one would expect from a 3 year old tyre that has only run 7500 miles.I was asked if I wished to have them exchanged at my expense.Apart from my cynical view that the garage may of wanted to make a further sale from me I can assume that the technicians thought this was an abnormal condition and worthy of my attention although they conceded it wasn't an MOT failure but I should keep an eye on them.I will never willingly buy these tyres and if I were to buy another top of the range model in future I shall ensure they are not fitted with Hankook tyres. One tyre damaged in this manner may be excuseable but all four is not!
Anyone else had negative or positive experience with this Korean brand ?. The tyres rate at about No 6 amongst all other brands. I can't fault the grip or handling in the wet or dry but the likelihood of a blowout at national speed limit because of cracked and compromised integrity of the compound leaves cause for some concern and further investigation.


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Not with a bargepole M8, no chance.
You say they are only 3 years old but have you looked at the date-code on the tyre wall or are you believing they are the same age as the car?
This is what Which? thinks.....just scroll down passed the "sign up now" message....
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Thanks for your replies. I will check out the date code and come back to you bhg481.
What make tyres did you get with your car Balders? My wife's 6 year old Fabia came with Dunlop and is still running on three of the originals. Seems like Skoda don't follow a particiular make and shop around for the best bulk deal at the time. I suppose most car manufacteres do that. I certainly will when it's time to change. Already priced up Pirelli P7s
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Date code appears to be 2/1/17

BF Goodrich on mine.
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Tyres the same age as the car then - not surprising really but they just might have been old stock.
I've used Goodyear Efficient Grip on mine since the first change (12 years and 200,000 miles old now); obviously I find they suit me for price/wear/grip/noise etc. I suggest you have a look at Blackcircles website and see what tyres they do for your car; they grade them noise etc to make comparison easy and I've always found them good for price. You can browse the site whilst remaining anonymous so no commitment.
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Thanks bhg. I am familiar with blackcircles. Have used them before.As you report. They offer good priced tyres.
I've had problems with the Hankook tyres on my 2 year old car, one of them keeps loosing pressure, has been back to the dealer twice in the past year, there is no puncture and they cant find whats wrong.

Never had problems with tyres before on a new car which is one of the reasons i buy them, reliability. But this tyre has let me time big time.
Darcy - it's most likely leaking at the rim. It could be a problem with the wheel but, most likely, it just needs re-fitting. Take it to a tyre specialist and see what they say.
My Hyundai diesel came with Hanook tyres 10 years ago. I finally replaced them two or three years ago when the MOT showed they were crazed and cracked - not an MOT failure but I don't take my chances with tyres.
Overall, I was happy to get 7 or 8 years use out of them.
Bhg- thanks, i will do that but its so annoying when they are practically brand new, Main dealers where i bought the car said they had fixed it, but its now happened again GRR !

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