Where Can I Get A Starter Battery For A R230 Mercedes Sl?

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ToraToraTora | 11:16 Fri 03rd Jul 2020 | Motoring
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I tried a local battery specialist, Halfords, online search, eBay etc. an eBay seller had one but they were having a Turkish on the price. It's 062 35Ah EN 500 CCA. The car has 2 batteries a consumer and a smaller starter. Anyone out there with any ideas?


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I had a good price from Eurocarparts for a Bosch battery some years ago but last time I needed a battery their price was silly (for the same car) and Halford's came out best.
I've *no* idea what a decent price would be - how's £85.20? -

Be quick on that link, in every browser I've tried, it jumps forward to a different (pricier) site called "Euro Car Parts". That also happened on a Liverpool-based site I looked at - strange.
Euro Parts always get a good deal from them
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Yeah that Lion one is the one that's cream crackered, good price but if it's no good them false economy. here's the one I can fine on Ebay:
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LIK that link goes to a place where the battery is £85, then suddenly diverts to Europarts where it's double that!
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oops sorry you said that above!
Hmmm, clicking on *any* battery on their home page - -

jumps to "Euro Car Parts", so if you're interested, is it worth contacting them directly? -

0151 528 2111
[email protected]

Apologies, but I know zero about car batteries & can only offer layman's advice.
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thanks LIK, I'm a bit wary of "lion" batteries that last one lasted < a year.
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I just bought a VARTA let's hope that's better.
Try Carparts4less

They are owned by Eurocarparts, but often are cheaper.
Less than a year - no guarantee, TTT?
Fair play, I tried :-)
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yes there was guarantee, sadly I bought that care with it in!
Try Tayna Batteries,, extensive range and reasonable prices, very helpful staff, just bought a battery from them and they found the one I wanted
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bhg, guarantee?, yes probably but I bought it with the car, I'm only going by the sticker on it.
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ok thanks all
I wonder if it's worth going to a random Lion battery dealer and asking if there's anything they can do. With batteries the price they are you've nothing to lose.

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Where Can I Get A Starter Battery For A R230 Mercedes Sl?

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