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Deskdiary | 21:49 Tue 18th Feb 2020 | Motoring
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Has anybody been on one of these and did you have the same experience as I did?

I went on one today...four hours I will never get back.

Firstly, before the permanently pious jump on this, I was caught on a motorway doing 58 in a 50 on one of the smart motorways, I broke the law, and accepted I had done so, and therefore accepted the choice of taking the course rather than the points.

But, by christ, the 'trainers' were ridiculously condescending and patronising it was bordering on laughable - it felt like I was back in school.

The only thing I took away from the 'course' is that IF I stray over the limit again and am caught, I'll take the points!


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Ex traffic polis maybe? A breed apart when it comes to condescention.
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Actually I did learn something useful. Apparently there’s no such thing as a tolerance.

So don’t believe the + 2mph + 5% (or whatever it’s meant to be), assuming, of course, they were being truthful.
Much like yourself, DD. I’d rather take the points than sit through that drivel again.
No. I'm already aware that there are motorways.
Legally there's no tolerance. The understanding is that police want to be sure a charge gets through without hassle so are advised to add one. In fairness, law abiding folk who are considerate enough not to go way under the speed limit for certainty, are likely to occassionally go over, especially if those around them are, because they're concentrating on driving safely not permanently looking at the speedometer. So a tolerance is only sensible. To do otherwise indicates an inability to understand the world and do the job of policing citizens properly.
"The only thing I took away from the 'course' is that IF I stray over the limit again and am caught, I'll take the points!"

Lol! I don't blame you. The time spent at the course, not to mention getting there and back and having to put up with it is probably equal to 3 points.

If there is anywhere in the world that will have condescending, patronising, borderline laughable trainers it'll be a speed awareness course.
Yeah the tolerance is tosh but most police officers with half a brain will implement one on a case by case basis.
On the other hand, policing inappropriate 20mph limits show an inability to understand the world and do the job of policing citizens properly anyway. They should have lots of other things needing their priority than targeting decent citizens because some looney councillor has forced through bad impositions on society.
I'd managed to avoid speeding (or being detected anyway) in over 40 years of daily commutes and driving holidays- but was caught out earlier this month doing 35 in 30 area. It was an unfamiliar road where the speed limit kept changing from 30 to 40 to 50 and I sometimes lost track in the dark but went with the flow as drivers behind got impatient whenever I slowed down just in case I'd missed a sign, so I can see how it's easily done. I'm not sure how a speed awareness course will help but I'll let you know after Easter.
There's a main semi-rural A road near us which, in a 3 mile stretch on which the speed limits vary as follows: 40, 50, 40, 60, 40. Crazy.
another daft thing about speed awareness courses -if you exceed the limit by a large amount, which suggests you are a driver in need of some form of reeducation (Surely who the course is aimed at), the speed awareness course is not an option, you must take the points
Been on one some time ago. Bit my tongue as the "instructors" were totally condescending.

Better than 3 points though. Basically it is a money making scam.
My son opted for the course rather than points and said they weren't at all condescending and he doesn't suffer fools gladly. Obviously it depends who you get running the course.

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