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dollymay | 21:29 Thu 23rd Jan 2020 | Motoring
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I have just bought a 6 month old VW UP. No problems, but it has a small continuous red flashing light (every few seconds) on the drivers side door which apparently shows that I have used the remote key for central locking. Not sure why I would want this, but wont it drain the battery in time?


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Most modern cars nowadays have a flashing light somewhere visible. to show that the alarms have been set.

The amount of juice used must be minimal, as vehicles are often left for extended periods in such places as airport car parks, without draining the batteries.

I would be more worried if the alarm indicator didn't flash.'s a flashing LED which uses very, very little power. Locking the door remotely uses hundreds of times more don't worry.
(twix...nothing to do with an alarm - the Up doesn't have one).
Just to acts as a theft deterrent, showing that the car is locked and immobiliser is active.
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Thanks to all for your replies!

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