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tamaris | 08:07 Fri 12th Jul 2019 | Motoring
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I have tried with two different visa cards to tax my car today and it says the cards are invalid.I know they are not as I use them often and they are in date. I normally do it this way what is going wrong ?


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I'm a bit confused as it runs out the end of this month but I had my mot

done on the 2nd August last year and was told not to do it before the 4 th next time.
Are you trying to pay with debit card or credit card?
I'm assuminh it's the genuine gov site and not one in a phishing email
Question Author
Debit card.
I'm confused by your reference to the MOT. Have you had it tested?
Taxed mine easily the other week. Are you using Gov UK site???
It's fairly easy.
I suspect that if your MOT is about to run out, that might be the problem, not the cards.
Tamaris, you can get your car MOTd one month before it is due, you would get a '13 month' MOT so it wouldn't expire earlier. You can MOT it now.
Hopkirk, surely it wouldn't say the card was invalid even if the MOT was? (And the MOT isn't, it still has weeks to run.)
Do you live in N.I, tamaris?
My husband had the same problem
Question Author
I live in England. Disregard ref to mot. It should still let me tax it as not ran out yet. Yes On the proper government site as I say I've done it online before. Just won't accept either of my debit cards. Very odd.

Will your current MOT still be valid on the first of August?

I know it seems as though the card is being refused, but it just might be failing for a different reason.

You must have an MOT valid for the day the tax is to start.
At the start of last November I received the reminder about road tax, yes I know it's called something else but I'm old, went on line and paid it. Mid December I got another letter, lots of red writing. it was my last chance to tax my car! When I checked the bank it hadn't gone through but I definitely didn't see anything about card being invalid, should have checked for the email I know.
We had a problem paying the balance on a holiday, the company were saying that the card wasn't valid, the bank was asking us to ring fraud. Apparently they had clocked it as a suspicious transaction, we don't use the credit cards much.

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