Nip At 49 In A 30 Zone

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Winieeee | 07:51 Fri 12th Jul 2019 | Motoring
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I need help

I managed to get 6 points , 2 x 3 point offences over the last 6 months , this was due to getting done at 65 /67 in what I thought was a 70mph zone, it was a 60mph dual carriageway both times

Just received an nip from going through a converted traffic light camera at a cross roads eel outside of a town , this was was a 4 hour drive home and tried to make the lights etc etc I know I’m an idiot

However my fear is this will be a court summons coming through ?

I’ve done a lot of reading and it appears people are getting £100 fine and 3 points as soon as they send back the NIP ???

Is this a pretty standard thing, will they look at the fact I’ve got 3 points x 2 on my license and go straight for the juggular and get me to court or more likely instant 3 point offer ??

It’s touch and go what I do but thinking legal advice ??




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It's a Band B offence and should therefore result in a court appearance:
Should be a fixed penalty and only goes to court if you have 9 exisiting points, not 6. I have received a speeding notice today and it clarified the 9 points on it. Please see my post, you might have some advice for me?

Sorry, sorry, i read it as 39mph, not 49. Indeed band B offence, Buenchico is correct of course.

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Nip At 49 In A 30 Zone

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