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sherrardk | 10:52 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | Motoring
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Does your insurance go up (because you can drive unaccompanied)?


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Yes, generally.
isn't it the qualified driver that is insured when a learner is driving?
You have to get an entirely new insurance policy. If you're ensured to drive as a provisional driver, then you're not insured to drive as a passed driver. (IE, if you pass ur driving test, you're not able to drive home from it, because you're not insured as a passed driver)

So the question should be.. Is being insured as a new driver cheaper or more expensive than being insured as a provisional driver.
"isn't it the qualified driver that is insured when a learner is driving?"

A provisional driver must be insured on the car they are driving, however a driving instructors car has different laws. I'm sure any provisional driver is allowed to drive a duel pedal instructors car with an instructor in the passenger seat.
aelmpvw, no the driver must be insured.
The simple answer is yes. When the young driver takes out an Insurance policy it is for driving accompanied. When the young driver passes passed thetest they call the Insurance company who will change their details. Its normally around £200 - £300 more expensive.
sorry there is no edit function on this site...I wanted to add that if the Young driver is exclusively using a driving Instructors vehicle for lessons then they do not need to be insured.
Brianna are you able to inform us why? Is this because the Driving Instructor is insured for all provisional drivers as long as they are in the passenger seat, or is it because they simply do not need insurance?
From a government site


You need your own insurance as a learner driver if you’re practising in a car you own. Your family member or friend will usually be covered on this.

If you’re practising in someone else’s car, you need to make sure their insurance policy covers you as a learner driver."

A driving instructor insures his pupils they also have dual controls so far less likely of an accident.
When you change your licence from provisional to full after passing your test, it's likely your insurance price will increase. This is due to the fact that, as you will now be more likely to drive alone, your risk on the road will increase, and this will be reflected in your premium.
My son had a crash two weeks after passing his test! Luckily there was witnesses who said it wasn't his fault. Otherwise his insurance would have rocketed
I bet it went up a little bit anyway didn't it?
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Just did online chat with current provider - increase will be £811.80!!!
Is he going to have a black box?

Spath - not that I know of. The other driver took 100% of the blame. She tried not to but the witnesses backed my son.
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I don’t know ummmm.

We have to actually phone the insurance company to discuss different policies but it’s not insured in my name so himself will have to do it but he’s not here.
My sons went down quite a bit with the box. He's 22 and I think his latest quote was about £550.

Will you be a named driver?
This was his own car. He named his GF's dad as a named driver who has a completely clean record.

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