Used Car Purchase - Rear Seats Stained

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Kathdoug76 | 18:37 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | Motoring
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Hello, i am just in the process of purchase a used vehicle. I told the dealer i will only purchase the vehicle on the promise that they valet the seats as the seats are stained quite noticeably.
I've been assured the stains will come out.
Has anyone had this kind of experience and stains been removed before hand over of the vehicle?


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Personally I would want to see clean unstained seats before clinching the deal. I am surprised that the dealer didn’t fully valet the car before advertising it. Please be cautious.
Whats the name of previous owner in the V15? Casanova?
Par for the course if children or pets are transported. Would be in dealer’s best interest to tidy up the car but might justbshrug and say Sold as seen.
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Ive told them I am not signing up until the vehicle is fully cleaned and stain free.
Thing is I really want this car.

Does anyone have experience of viewing a car with stains and dealer removing them before delivery of vehicle?
Alarm bells ringing about the quality of the dealer, if they don't even get the car properly clean before displaying it.
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That's the thing. They are quite a reputable dealer for Volkswagen, so they should have certain standards to maintain surely?
Are they an official VW dealer, or an independent who specialises?

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They're an official VW dealer
You should be able to trust them then, but as MGW14 says make the agreement to purchase dependent on satisfactory valeting.

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Used Car Purchase - Rear Seats Stained

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