Car Insurance Predicament

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fruitsalad | 19:25 Thu 14th Mar 2019 | Motoring
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My car insurance is due early April, my car mot is due in August, I am not going to MOT it in august because the milage is very high, and it will probably cost me more to get it through MOT than the vehicle is worth, so I will be scrapping it, are there any insurance companys that do part yearly cover, in this case for the 5 months


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There are some insurers who'll cover a vehicle for less than a year but they seem to charge mega-bucks. (You'd typically need to take out 5 successive one-month policies, which might end costing you far more than a 12-month policy anyway).

What are you planning to do after you've scrapped your car? If you'll be getting another one you should be able to transfer the policy from your old one across to the new one.
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Yes Buen, I will be getting another but was not planning to do so straight away, but I may have to purchase a new one, a bit earlier, than I had planned, just so I get my monies worth.
If you have a nice insurance company (like mine - John Lewis), they may agree to suspend your cover when you scrap your car and re-start it when you get a replacement.
Assuming when you scrap the vehicle, you will be buying a replacement, you will normally pay some extra premium to cover the new car until the end of the April renewal (in other words until April 2020) – as happens all the time when people change cars.

There is nothing stopping you having the vehicle MOT’d now to see if your fears re scrapping the car are realised. If it passes, you will then get at least another years motoring out of it (barring some expensive repair bill) – and need not worry about the short term insurance (if you plan to be carless).

Given that time is not of the essence in having the vehicle MOT’d, you can shop around – there are a number of garages near me offering ½ price MOTs – so it might only cost circa £25 for the test.
If you feel it will fail an MOT it is not roadworthy now so any insurance will be void if you drive knowing it is faulty.

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Car Insurance Predicament

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