Hyundai I10 Tyre Pressure

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zingo1327 | 14:10 Wed 13th Feb 2019 | Motoring
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Can anyone tell me the correct tyre pressure for a Hyundai i10, (driver and front seat passenger)
According to the manual it should be on the drivers side central pillar but all I see there is the word "Airbag"
Thank you in advance


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On my Volvo you have to open the back door to be able to see it, your Hyundai might be the same.
Depends on the specific model and more importantly, tyre size.
open the driver's door - there should be a sticker or panel with the pressures on the pillar somewhere
There is a manual for the car here:

Section 8, page 4 gives the tyre pressures for all tyre sizes etc.
Incidentally, Page 7-43 of the manual I gave a link to shows where on the car the label is.
It's not a bad idea to download the manual to your computer (I have for my car) so that you can browse it at your leisure and "search" for any information you are looking for.
According to my Fiesta manual it's on the driver side door pillar, but it's actually on the passenger side.
Some cars have them listed as being on the wrong side because they can't be *** to change LHD/RHD properly, nor update the manual to boot.
4candles, typo slipped through translation, passenger door would be drivers door in mainland Europe.
Thanks OG & TonyV
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thanks guys ..33psi it is
Did you eventually find the one on the car?

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Hyundai I10 Tyre Pressure

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