La Prealpina Roof Bars Security Locks

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Jessie1917 | 16:14 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Motoring
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I have successfully fitted these roofbars...specific for my Fiat 500...however the security locks are proving a nightmare...just will not turn into locking poxition. I've been in touch with Mick 's Garage in Coventry where I purchased them online....they stated that these locks have give many customers a problem....and sent an email with further instruction namely stating correct position of lock barrel prior to locking.......which I had achieved correctly.......Even wd40'd the barrels they said that would be fine....still can't get lock to turn with key. Anyone e else
had this same seems like locks are faulty....but they state they are difficult to install


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La Prealpina Roof Bars Security Locks

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