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lankeela | 13:37 Wed 27th Jun 2018 | Motoring
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Getting it this weekend, which is the end of June/beginning of July - how do I stand with taxing it and as I am disposing of my old one what about a refund? I know I have to SORN my old one, and can only claim back full months and have to tax new one for full months - but would be best to put the date of buying as the 1st July, then tax the new one from then? If I get it before the weekend (and it is taxed under old owners name) could I insure it to drive it on Saturday? Or does it have to be in my name to insure it? Any ideas how best to work it without having to pay a full month's tax for one day.


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Now whenever someone sells a car, any full months’ worth of tax left over are automatically refunded (so it won't be 'taxed under old owners name').

That means whenever you buy a used car, it will be untaxed. By law, the car must be taxed at the point of sale, and driving off without it could land you with a fine.

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I bought a car on 16th June and insured it before I went to pick it up. The dealer changed the registration online and taxed it for me so I could drive it away that day.
^ What he said.

I bought a car 20th June (previous tax had expired) so had to tax it there and then so 'lost' most of June: just the way it is. I considered paying a holding deposit and delaying 'buying' it (and having to tax it) until beginning of July instead but needed it before then.
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I bought a car on Tuesday. The previous owner was on the log book as disabled. The sales guy had to drive me to the post office for the tax to be done as the class had to be changed.

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Buying Another Vehicle

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