Wet Footwell!!

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LizB99 | 18:43 Wed 02nd Nov 2005 | Motoring
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I got in my Honda Accord this morning, and the drivers footwell was soaking wet! I checked the windows to make sure I'd not left any open slightly, but they were all ok. The door and the seat were dry. Theres no sign of it coming through the roof, or door sills - Has anyone got any ideas as to were it may be coming from? With the forecast for more rain, and nowhere to park it under cover, things are not looking good!!!!!


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Have you got a sunroof? I'll take it that you dont until you answer and give you some dif advice. under the wiper panel (black piece of plastic arounds wipers) may be blocked with leaves etc, note i said UNDER. This is really hard to explain but open your bonnet and have a look around at the back of your engine bay, either side there'll be a area where water runs off the window, the water then runs from this down holes, the holes could be blocked. hope this helps, if you need it explained better please say.
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Many thanks Spike, I'll certainly check this out in the day light, and come back to you if ness. (I do have a sunroof, but again can find no wet areas around it.)
Thanks again.
Do you have air conditioning? Sometimes the cause of such unexplainable wet footwells.

I had the same problem in a Saxo i had, turns out the drains from the sunroof were blocked, long piece of wire soon unblocked em! there at the front left and right corners of the sunroof !

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Wet Footwell!!

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