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mands75 | 17:35 Thu 17th May 2018 | Motoring
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I have received a parking fine from Paid Parking Company for Asda supermarket car parking which went just over the allowed time. I’ve read lots of things that say I shouldn’t pay as it’s a private fine company. Any advice?


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Sorry, that was meant to say Paid Parking Company Parking company
You can't type the name of the company due to legal reasons brought up in the past.

Hopefully someone can still answer your query.
As long as there are clearly displayed signs advising you of the parking fees (and those fees aren't wholly disproportionate), whenever you park you car in such a car park you are entering into a legally binding contract to pay those fees.

Despite all of the rubbish that's been posted on the internet, courts have repeatedly reinforced that view. It was happening back in 2008
and the matter has now been tested all of the way up to the Supreme Court:

People who try to argue the matter can find that things get VERY expensive
or even VERY VERY expensive!
If you were shopping in ASDA for the entire period, you could try appealing to the manager.
If you parked, shopped in ASDA and went elsewhere it may be more problematic.
This link will give you some information, which I hope is helpful:-
where we live we have 2 asdas both free parking ...if you have paid to park say for an hour and went over that time i dont think you have a complaint you should have got back on time...sorry
A few years ago I received a parking ticket from a city centre Lidl. It was free parking, but you apparently had to give your registration number to the checkout operator. I didn't read the notice closely enough and was snapped leaving the car park after a 10 minute stay. Ignored the notice and have never heard another word about it.
Pay up and move on.

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