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Jay70 | 14:26 Tue 01st Nov 2005 | Motoring
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Hi everyone,

I have an old Ford 2007 radio which I was given by a friend which I wan't to put in my car. They unfortunately don't know the security code as it was in the manual which was passed on with the car's handbook. I have heard you can buy CD's with the codes on but I'm not sure where to get one. I'ts old and not worth much so I dont want to have to pay out at a Ford garage as it will be more than its worth. Many thanks for any advice


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I can give you the code if you can give me the full serial number.
I presume that the Ford radio you have is one of the late 80s early 90s units? I have heard with the first generation keycode units like this is if you sling it in the freezer for a couple of hours and plug it in straight out of the freezer it should either bypass the code bit or will accept any code you enter, its a trick thats been around since about 1991 and is said to always work.
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Many thanks for your answers - I will find the s/n skids and let you know. thanks again.
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Hi Skids,

My radio's S/N is: M028415

Many thanks,


Hi Jason,

Your code should be 8423.

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Thats great - I really do appreciate that.
No problem - glad to help!
You need to verify all your papers. Usually it is written somewhere on the user manual...
If not visit this page you will learn how to get your ford radio code simple and fast.


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