Vauxhall Vectra 3.2V6

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gina32 | 16:52 Fri 13th Apr 2018 | Motoring
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Does anyone know why the idling speed keeps increasing and decreasing on my car please. THANKS


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Don't think there is an idle control valve on that engine, fly by wire if I remember correctly. So if it is fly by wire then it will most likely be the potentiometer which is part of the throttle pedal ( needs a new accelerator pedal ).
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Thank you
Best of luck, gina.
I to have had tick over problems in the past on a couple of Vauxhalls ( Carlton and Calibra ) they had idle control valves though, I just changed them. Your engine is totally different though.
Is the engine warning light illuminated – even if not, it would be worth plugging in an OBD scanner to see if any fault codes are present.

What is the approximate range of engine idle speed – is the lowest idle speed around 900rpm with it increasing above this level; or is it idling slower than it should and then increasing to 900-1,000rpm (or more)?
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I have had it on several fault finding scanners and nothing shows up. It idles at 900 rpm and then builds up to about 1500 then drops back and so on.
I had a similar problem on a Ford that went unsolved by three different main dealers and was sorted by accident when I started using a different garage for fuel. I still use supermarket fuel, just not that one.
is your air con on. that will decrease it slightly if it is
It’s worth giving davewr’s suggestion a try – filling up with one of the premium fuels available from a non-supermarket supplier. The extra cost of a tank full of gas will only be £2 - £3.
Ensure there are no air leaks around the inlet manifold joint or associated plumbing.
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Ive changed the fuel, not leaks as its been changed. so no idea!! Thank you
Might be worth adding some Redex next time you fill up the tank.
To test for leaks around the inlet manifold (or elsewhere) spray a small amount of WD40 (or similar) around the area – if the engine increases speed, you’ve got a leak.

Make sure not to spray the lubricant near parts such as driving/timing belts.

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