Garmin V Tomtom Satnavs

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MantaRay | 14:05 Wed 14th Feb 2018 | Motoring
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Which have the clearest and easiest to understand display's? I favour a good clear map rather than too much other information.


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I only have experience of the latter. It's good but not perfect. Gets road ids wrong occasionally, sometimes thinks a bear left or right is a turn left or right; or the turn option at a Y junction is straight on. The visual display tends to be clearer. I suspect you will get greater differences between models within the available range than between makes.
I have this exact version

It is refurbished. But i had the exsact same one before. (So I've had this satnav since 2010, and got another one, refurbished because it was perfect)

It is quite simple and basic, but the map is perfectly easy to understand, and has a nice guidance from a man or woman, or you can turn this off.

When turning the satnav on, i'm ask'd for a postcode, then a house number and i'm at the place i want to be! Granted.. sometimes it takes me to the right place, but a few yards up the street, but satnavs can only do so much, the rest needs common sense.
I have a Garmin and has done me ok for a few years now....I update the software regularly and much like Spaths last paragraph....sometimes takes me to the street or area, not necessarily the full address, but common sense used and you'll find it......the American ladies voice always calms me, funny enough :-)

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Garmin V Tomtom Satnavs

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