Have You Been Stoped By The Police

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TWR | 15:08 Thu 18th Jan 2018 | Motoring
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knowing you had been speeding & got away with saying, you have not?


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I haven't.
Yes but I admitted I was speeding and he still let me off (75ish in a 60)
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No, on the three occasions I have been stopped I have taken it on the chin.

Let off on one occasion due to language difficulties and paid up the other two.
Yes .... and I said sorry .... and the very nice policeman let me go.
I've never been stopped by the police.
Let off on one occasion due to language difficulties and paid up the other two.

OMG ... issed as well as speeding, Eccles?
Yup I have been stopped at least 4 times if not more - twice I showed my warrant card the other times I talked my way out of it.

I've been stoped (sic) twice for speeding, both times I have been driving the same Make and Model car as the Officer who stopped me,
VRS Estate, and we have ended up having a chat about the cars handling and performance, I've had my wrist slapped but no further action taken.
Only ever been stopped once, TWR.....many years ago when, some miles from home, MrG the first confessed he'd forgotten to turn off the oven......and he may....just may....have put the remains of the joint back inside instead of in the fridge.....
I was still giving him stick when we were stopped......the officer must have felt so sorry for the sad eyed numpty sitting beside me that he sent us on our way with a look of.....I know how you feel, mate.......on his face... :-)
Yes - twice - both times on completely safe, empty roads at 5am (or thereabouts) - on my way to work for a crisis - apologised/explained and got sent on my way with a (metaphorical) smacked bottom.

That's the difference between proper enforcement by real people and ridiculous revenue-raising by cowards hiding in vans ...
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Got pulled coming from Lowerstoft many years ago by a police van, blue lights came on & this bright spark got out and came over with his book & a smirk on his face, right Driver speeding, I was not speeding Officer, I'm telling you, you were doing 50, MPH ( My limit was 40 HGV) I was doing 40 Officer, You were doing 50 Driver, I said can you prove it, to his reply It showed on my speedo, I said is it recorded, he said no, I said I can prove it by my Taco ( Bluff) he looked at me & said take your time in future, I said I always run to my Taco Officer, he went back into his van & went.
Yes, many years ago a cop pulled me over in his Austin Agro.
He just wanted to have a look at how I had fitted a pair of side thrush exhausts to my 3 litre Capri ( sounded terrific ).

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Have You Been Stoped By The Police

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