Do You Carry The Essensials In Your Car?

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TWR | 19:08 Tue 16th Jan 2018 | Motoring
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Jump Leads, Torch, Bulbs, Tow Rope, just been out to the Daughter flat battery.


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Evening, Sweetie.......of course.....chocolate, lipstick and a spare pair of stockings....... ;-)
The above plus shovel ,coats ,hats, gloves, mars bars, energy bars and bottled water..
Chocolate, deicer and shopping bags xx
Toothbrush and Knicks too G !
If I was venturing far, yes, a quick scoot to Morrison's, not so much.
Spare whip....
Of course, Minty......those too.... ;-)
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Sexy talk this time of night lol, good thinking Gness xxx
Question Author
Your getting me Excited Pixie, keep talking.
Jump leads: I used to carry them but then I bought a power pack. That's now died but it's hard to flatten the battery on my current car anyway (because the lights automatically switch off when I take the key out), so I'm prepared to chance it (and rely on the RAC if it happens) ;

Torch: Yes

Bulbs: Yes (although, since my local garage will supply and fit a headlamp bulb for a fiver, I usually get them to do it)

Tow rope: No. If I ever need a tow I'll be phoning the RAC anyway, so I won't need a rope.


Fire extinguisher: Yes

First aid kit: Yes

Warm clothing: Yes

Emergency foil blanket: Yes

Snow shovel: No (although I might get one if I'm ever likely to be driving where there's heavy snow)

Flask of hot drink: No (but I've always got cans of energy drink in my car)

Reflective triangle: No. I must get a new one. My last one was flattened by a lorry when I went to help a friend whose car campervan had broken down.

Windcreen scraper: Yes

De-icer: Yes

Tyre pump: My electric one has packed up - I'll probably buy a new one this week - but I've got a foot pump anyway
Lol :-). You started it with "jump leads" xx
A bit of banter's often needed, TWR......but a warning....don't drive after Minty and Pixie have been teasing..... ;-)
Question Author
I can see that Gness, good to have you around Chico.
Moi ? ;0)
With normal accessories it won't be that hard.
-- answer removed --
Gulp !
Pretty much the same as Chris for the same reasons....also always wellies and welly socks as the shoes I drive in would be no good in mud plus spare dog leads and collars and a snack for the dogs. I don’t bother carrying bulbs. If anything major went out Id call the RAC, minor stuff I would get home and go to a garage the next day. I don’t drive distance.
Oh and I have no spare, just a can of reinflator goo.
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Changed the complete front ones on my car Chico, Front Bumper removed.

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Do You Carry The Essensials In Your Car?

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