Dashcam Hard Wiring

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Blackruby | 02:07 Sun 14th Jan 2018 | Motoring
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I have just bought a dash cam and want to hard wire it into a Peugeot 3008 but the fuse box is in the glove compartment. How do i earth it and also how can I get the lead from the glovebox to the windscreen. Many thanks for your help


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Although I cannot give specific advice re wire routing on a 3008 – bear in mind that the 12V connection will need to be switched via the ignition, otherwise the dash-cam will flatten the car battery.

Most dash-cams are supplied with a cigar lighter connector, which converts the 12V vehicle voltage to 5Vdc required by the dash-can USB input.

You could consider buying one of these together with a USB A male to USB micro connector of the required length.;hash=item2a8c22f20b:g:B5gAAOSw3ONZpqPx

I have a window mounted dash-cam and have managed to hide the connecting wire by poking it behind the window pillar trim. With a centre window mounted dash-cam this could be more tricky.
You’ll probably stand more chance of getting an answer on a Peugeot forum:
Watch this for a basic guide, it waffles on for a bit but gives you the basic idea

Mine is wired up in basically the same way, Citroen C3 Picasso

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Dashcam Hard Wiring

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