Unleaded in a Chrysler Voyager Diesel engine

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xanderma | 17:57 Sun 23rd Oct 2005 | Motoring
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My husband has just topped-up our almost-empty 5 month-old Chrysler Voyager diesel with about �20-worth unleaded petrol. He then drove it about quarter of a mile before the engine cut out. I'm expecting the worst, but can anyone give information of what we can expect at the dealership tomorrow??


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I`m afraid that could be expensive as modern day diesels get severely damaged by petrol (a solvent) wouldn`t of been so bad if it was say a gallon of petrol in ten gallons of diesel (lubricates pumps etc).
Hi xanderma, just scroll down about 15 posts on this section to the one headed Deisel in petrol engine and read that,  it is exactly the same question for a different car.
Sorry Petrol in a Diesel, either my keyboard is faulty or I am getting tired.
Or an even better one in How it Works headed Petrol ina Diesel car
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Thanks for your replies - I'm expecting 4-figures/second mortgage, then. I had seen other posts, but was hoping for maybe specific info based on age/type of car. Interesting to note - no sexist comments bout husbands/men f**king up the car!?! Seems these only apply to women, based on earlier posts! (Tongue firmly in cheek here, before you bite my head off - sense of humour essential in this house at the minute!)
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Hi again qapmoc, have looked at post in How It Works section - will prob have a sleepless night, but best to be prepared for worst. Thanks again for your help.

Hi xanderma, I hope that you do not have such a bad outcome as you fear, but if you can, why don't you post here later and tell the outcome.  then we will all know what to expect with that vehicle if someone else asks.

Re the ladies and cars thing, don't you know that for most men the car is their baby and if a man does something stupid to it it's an accident but if it's a woman it was a stupid mistake!

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Hi again - yes, will post info as soon as I can. - you're so right, thanks for making me smile this morning, Lord knows I needed it!
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Good news! Ended up being just over �200 for drain tank & new filter - might be expensive but at least not 4-figures as I was dreading. Guy at local Chrysler dealer said all the ones he's seen have been as simple, though he's heard of some at other dealerships being about �2000 - these were mostly where the car had been driven for a while on a mix of petrol & diesel. Hope this helps anyone else with a husband as dumb as mine!
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Post's worth checking with insurers as well. Our insurer's website said mis-fuelling was not covered, but when my husband rang them, they said that if it proved to be more complex than the drain/new filter option, we would have been able to claim.
I read recently that this sort of thing happens a couple of hundred times a day across the country, so don't be too hard on hubby.

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Unleaded in a Chrysler Voyager Diesel engine

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