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08012006 | 11:29 Fri 07th Jul 2017 | Motoring
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If my car does 40 miles per gallon, and petrol costs me £1.18 per litre, how much does each mile cost me please.


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Roughly 16p
but that is only the petrol. To get a true cost per mile you need to factor in insurance, maintenance and wear on the car.
I got it to 17p but Tilly's math is probably better than mine.
Islay, mine was just a quick pen and paper calculation. My calculator's conked out.
1.18 x 5 / 1.1 = £5.36 per gallon

5.36 / 40 = 13.4 p per mile
Dave, I could have done that if my calculator hadn't been conked out. :-)
Assuming my arithmetic is accurate:-

1 gallon = 4.546 litres
Fuel = £1.18 p/litre
4.546 x £1.18 = £5.364 per gallon / 40 miles = £0.134 per mile
lol Tilly I used a calculator and still got it wrong!! No wonder my bank account never balances!!
Islay - you can get faulty calculators.
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For those who forgot they were on the internet:
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just type "4.546 * 1.18/40" into google
Tora, that fact that the Op asked the original question would lead me to believe that, had your suggestion been feasible, they wouldn't have had the ability to work it out, making the question redundant.
so (go AH!), ZM, from that we can deduce that they do not do arithmetic on their planet, right oh!
Your rather demeaning words Tora, not mine.
an accurate observation.

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Petrol Cost Per Mile

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