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ladybirder | 17:34 Mon 20th Mar 2017 | Motoring
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by being driven, not on a transporter? I was about to put the details into a site to get a quote when the vehicle I was interested in got sold. Why is the vehicle I fancy always a long distance from home.


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I just checked on the cost of moving a vehicle from an auction site in Manchester to my home in Suffolk (212 miles) and was quoted £177.40 + VAT ( = £212.88). That's probably a good guideline figure for similar movements:
(Click 'Collections & Delivery' and scroll down to the calculator)
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Thanks Chris, about £1/mile then and that is for being driven is it?
Yes, that will be a 'trade plater' movement. (I used to do that job myself!)

If you're looking for a specific quote, give ACV a try, by filling in a form
by calling 01782 938892
or by emailing
They still operate the traditional way, by using self-employed drivers who have to hitch lifts everywhere [been there, done that!] but that means that they can keep their costs low and charge less than firms with staff 'on the books'.
Have you thought about getting a lift to the sale site or going by train and driving it back yourself? Will work out a lot cheaper and you get to see the vehicle before you buy it. I would definately not buy a car from miles away and not be able look at it until I had paid for it and got it delivered. What if you get it delivered and when it arrives there is a fault with it, are you going to pay to have it taken back again?
Many years ago, I bought a new car from a dealer about seventy miles away (just the car I wanted with a terrific discount)...I got a coach up there, three minute walk, did the paperwork and drove it back.
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EDDIE yes of course I have but it is 504 miles away. Auto Trader give the mileage as the crow flies i.e. under 400 miles. When I put the post codes into the AA site - 504 miles. Oh and I'd never buy a car without having someone check it out for me. Anyway thank you all but it's sold and I'm not surprised, it was stunning. I'll start searching again, in no hurry.
So Chris that would have cost me £504 to have it collected. I'll limit my search I think. Thank you as well.
Ladybirder, just be careful. Sometimes people will post cars at below market value just to get you to call.
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Zacs thanks for the warning and I shall bear it in mind but I'm puzzled as to what I have said that made you think it was below market value.
'It was stunning' seemed to convey that, for the price, it was a bargain I.e. It looked much better value than cars of a similar age / mileage. Apologies if I misinterpreted.
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Oh I see. It was stunning to me because it had everything I have been looking for. Leather seats, my preferred wheel trims, top spec, within the mileage limit I had set myself and my preferred colour. You pay top whack for cars here in the South East so looking further afield can sometimes pay dividends if you are careful. Anyway, I don't expect you needed to know all that. Sorry, got carried away.
To get a quote for a movement of 504 miles on the BCA website I used a journey from their auction site in Glasgow to a post office in Bodmin (which the AA routefinder says is exactly 504 miles).

The figure quoted is £387.31 + VAT = £464.77
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Bless you Chris thank you. However, stunning as it was I wouldn't have paid that on top of the asking price. If the garage had met me a bit on the price then perhaps. That car has been sold but I shall continue looking and may well have use for that site depending on the location of my next possible purchase. x

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Anybody Know The Cost Of Having An Suv Transported ...

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